Pet Emergency Training (P.E.T.) for First Responders

Pet Emergency Training (P.E.T.) for First Responders is a Santa Barbara Countywide program provided by C.A.R.E.4Paws, pet emergency and specialty hospital Advanced Veterinary Specialists (AVS) and dog trainer Brian Glen to teach first responders how to care for pets in an emergency situation. Workshops cover most aspects of critical emergency pet care along with dog training tools and techniques to ensure pets and first responders stay safe. First responders also gain knowledge of and access to all of C.A.R.E.4Paws' programs so that they can share these resources with pet owners in need. 

Program launch

We launched P.E.T. for First Responders in October with a total of five two-hour workshops for firefighters from Santa Barbara City and Montecito Fire Departments at Santa Barbara City Fire Department’s Drill Tower and included training in pet CPR, wound care, handling of broken limbs, how to deal with an overheated animal and animal behavior. Check us out in the Santa Barbara News-Press, on KEYT and in the Independent!

Our countywide program covers most aspects of emergency pet care along with dog training tools to ensure first responders stay safe. Participants also learn about C.A.R.E.4Paws’ programs so they can share these resources with pet owners in need.
So far, we have provided six P.E.T. for First Responders workshops for firefighters from Santa Barbara City and Montecito Fire Departments and we’re going to start working with Santa Barbara County Fire Department next. Workshops are two hours long and include medical training in pet CPR, treatment of wounds, burns, smoke inhalation, broken limbs, and overheated animals as well as dog behavior tips and tools. 


Workshop details

Dr. Andrea Wells and her team from AVS cover several topics on how to provide critical care to pets in an emergency situation: 

  • Restraint techniques for dogs and cats

  • Checking heart rates and temperatures

  • Pet CPR basics

  • Giving oxygen

  • Dealing with an overheated animal; giving fluids

  • Burns, wound care and broken limbs

Dog trainer Brian Glen provides tools for how to safely handle dogs that act aggressively or are protective of their owners to ensure that these dogs don’t prevent their owners from receiving critical care.

  • Dog psychology basics

  • Common scenarios first responders encounter in the field and best approaches to handle those situations

  • Tools to help manage various dog behaviors, such as aggression and fear

  • Worst case scenarios/extreme situations and best approaches

First responders learn about the services C.A.R.E.4Paws offers for low-income, senior, disabled and homeless pet owners in Santa Barbara County, including:

  • Assistance with veterinary care

  • Free spays/neuters

  • Low-cost vaccine clinics

  • Delivery of pet food

  • Animal behavior training

Information about animal abuse and domestic violence

We also provide information about how to recognize signs of animal abuse in a home, steps to take to report an abusive situation and a new program by C.A.R.E.4Paws that launches soon to help victims of domestic violence. The program, a collaboration with Domestic Violence Solutions and several local pet rescue groups, animal shelters and pet services providers, will provide temporary refuge for pets whose owners suffer in a violent home situation so that owners can leave their abusive partners without fearing for the safety and well-being of their animals. 

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